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Ningbo (Yinzhou) Museum Has Began to Open at Night
Updated:2019-12-09 16:50:00
The Ningbo (Yinzhou) Museum, which ushered in its eleventh "birthday", has began to open at night. From December 5th, the normal opening hours of the museum will be adjusted from 9 am to 9 pm.
The Ningbo (Yinzhou) Museum turned night opening into a normal state, allowing culture to benefit a wider public group and creating a richer cultural night for Ningbo. In addition to a full 12 hours of "Museum Opening Time" on each open day, the museum will simultaneously plan and organize educational lectures, theme events and other content suitable for night time. The night time is not only an extension of time, but also a signal released by the museum to the public: the museum is meeting the diverse needs of the public in multiple ways and is beginning to lead new cultural and leisure habits.


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