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Intangible cultural heritage troupes league established
Updated:2019-06-17 10:20:00

Driven by Zhejiang Provincial Culture and Tourism Department, Zhejiang Drama Association, and Ningbo Cultural, Radio, Film, Television and Tourism Bureau, ¡°First World League¡± of Zhejiang Province¡¯s was established in Ningbo¡¯s natural stage. Nine intangible cultural heritage dramas will keep warm with each other in the future. On the evening, the ¡°First World Team¡± had a performance, and more than a thousand spectators watched the show.
It is learned that "First World League" refers to the only professional art performance art groups currently operating, mostly local opera, many of which have been included in the national intangible cultural heritage list. With the development of the times, many sound chambers and dramas have shrunk in the market, and it is difficult to survive and pass on.
The nine members of the "First World League" in Zhejiang Province are Ningbo City Opera Troupe Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Opera Troupe Hangzhou Funny Art Theatre, Wenzhou City Opera Academy, Zhejiang Taizhou Ranju Theater, and Xi'an High-cavity Institute in Zhangzhou City, Chun'an County Opera Troupe, Yuyao Yao Opera Protection and Heritage Center, Ninghai County Pingtiao Art Heritage Center, Xinchang County Opera Protection and Development Center.
After the establishment of the league, cultural exchanges will be carried out among the various groups, and cultural cross-regional development will be carried out, and the brand of ¡°First World League¡± will be launched. At the same time, the alliance units will also exchange ideas and experiences, learn from each other's strengths, and promote the development of intangible cultural heritage dramas.


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