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Zhejiang signs big projects to support Xinjiang development
Updated:2019-06-13 14:44:00

A major achievement took place as East China's Zhejiang province signed 24 projects worth a whopping 6.18 billion yuan ($895 million) with the Alar city located in Akesu Prefecture of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, to support the latter's development.
The projects, inked at the 21st China Zhejiang Investment and Trade Fair on June 10 ĘC a sideline event of the China-CEEC Expo ĘC involve energy, chemical engineering, textiles, agricultural product processing, real estate, construction materials and equipment manufacturing.
The headquarters facilitated a total of 235 commercial projects worth more than 56 billion yuan between Zhejiang companies and Akesu from 2017 to 2018, creating 61,219 jobs for local residents in Akesu.
Akesu is one of the regions in Xinjiang that are abundant in natural resources such as water, land, sunlight, forest and energy. It has huge growth potential as the nation is promoting the Belt and Road Initiative westwards.
Products from Akesu and its Alaer city were exhibited at the fair, attracting many local residents and purchasing agents.


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