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National Youth Sailing Championship Held at Dongqian Lake
Updated:2018-10-11 17:07:00
The 2018 National Youth Sailing Championship kicked off at the International Sailing Port of the Dongqian Lake. About 100 athletes of eight sailing teams from such places as Guangdong Province, Shanxi Province and Sichuan Province will compete for the championship.
After the brief opening ceremony, a performance competition was held involving four teams made up respectively by the organizing committee of the event, the arbitrators, the referees and the coaches or team leaders. Among them there are even some big names. For example, Qian Hong of the referee team is a team member of the champion of the Asian Games held in Hiroshima in 1994 and that of the National Games held in 1993, and Tang Hong of the team for coaches or team leaders is the head coach of sailing team of Zheiiang Province, team members of which have won the national champion, the champion of the National Games, and the champion of the sailing world cup. As a Class-A sports event at the state level, the National Youth Sailing Championship will last until October 13 and is sure to become a great scene at the Dongqian Lake scenic area.



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