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Ningbo 11Farms Entitled as "most beautiful farms"
Updated:2018-10-10 15:47:00

The list of "the 2018 top 100 beautiful farms in Zhejiang Province" was recently issued by Zhejiang Provincial Agricultural Department and Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Tourism. 11 farms in Ningbo are included in the list, they are the Xiangyang Slow-life Farm of Haishu District, the Tiansheng Farm of Haishu District, the Orange Light Town of Dingtang Town of Xiangshan County, the Rape Flower Base of the Sangzhou Town of Ninghai County, the Happy Field Farm of Ninghai County, the Wangjiashan Peach Farm of the Xiaowangmiao Street of Fenghua District, the Yaojiang River Agricultural Park of Jiangbei District, the Colorful Farm of Jiangshan Town of Yinzhou District, Ningbo Fuquan Mountain Tea Farm, the Fruits Farm of Liangnong Town of Yuyao County, and the rape flower field of the Modern Agricultural Development Zone of Cixi County. With a total area of 2,934 mu, the farms can present the visitors with different views for different seasons.
The selection activity of the "most beautiful farms", jointly conducted by Zhejiang Provincial Agricultural Department and Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Tourism, was started in March this year. Over the past five months, after such procedures as the farms enrolling for competition, the media publicity, the citizens participating for voting and the experts’ inspection and assessment, the list of the top 100 beautiful farms was finalized.
All the beautiful farms are large with complete field roads and ditches, beautiful scenery and prominent features. In addition, the selected farms, all involved in agricultural production, well reflect the integrated development of the agricultural conditions, landscape, tourist leisure and cultural values. With the beautiful scenery and good interactive activities, the farms have attracted both urban and rural residents to come to enjoy the beautiful landscape and fun of farming, thus helping to improve the farms' comprehensive profits and the income of the farmers.



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