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The 2018 Ningbo Youth Singer Contest Finals Came to an End
Updated:2018-10-08 14:13:00
Recently, "CTS Cup"the 2018 Ningbo Youth Singer Contest finals came to an end. The event was sponsored by Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New District Management Committee and the Communist Youth League Ningbo Municipal Committee. 20 singers attended the competition.
Since the registration in May, the contest has received positive response from the city's youth singing enthusiasts. After four months long competition, the gold, silver and bronze medal winners and top ten singers were finally born. There were one gold medal, two silver medals and three bronze medals.
It is reported that Ningbo Youth Singer Competition has been held for many years and has a very high popularity and participation. This year's competition is also the highlight of the 3rd International Coastal Joy Festival in the New District. In 2018, Coastal Joy Festival held nine cultural and sports events, including Ningbo International Marathon, Ningbo Youth Singer Contest, Zhejiang University Students Photography Competition, Sculpture Design Competition, Urban Furniture Creative Design Competition, etc., aiming to create the urban culture in Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New District to attracts the participation of the masses, stimulates the vitality of the city, and provides strong spiritual power and cultural support for the construction of an international industrial city and a modern and beautiful bay area.


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