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Ningbo Establish Talent Recruitment Station in Hong Kong
Updated:2018-07-12 10:30:00

At the inauguration ceremony of the Hong Kong Alumni Association of Ningbo Xiaoshi Middle School, the Talent  Recruitment Station of Haishu District in Hong Kong was officially unveiled. The head of the Hong Kong Alumni Association of Ningbo Xiaoshi Middle School, Ms. Gao Lingxiang was appointed the first captain of the Station. This is Haishu’s third platform of this kind in the world and the first at home.
“Hong Kong is one of the main settlements of overseas Ningbonese. At present, there are 120,000 people from Ningbo, and many of them are elites in the political, business, and science and technology education fields. The alumni of Hong Kong Alumni Association cover the fields like finance, science and technology, and law. This cooperation with Haishu District is of great significance to both parties. For the alumni association, we can further close our relationship with our hometown and retain our nostalgia. The establishment of the station is believed to bring more talents to Ningbo, who will help promote the economic development of the hometown.” said Ms. Gao Lingxiang.



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