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Rainbow Charity Summer Camp in Ningbo
Updated:2018-07-11 14:34:00

The 6th Charity Summer Camp of the “Huamao Rainbow Project” was launched. 126 children in need or left-behind from the surrounding areas of Ningbo came to the Huamao campus and spent the wonderful 7 days and 6 nights together with 42 city children.
In 2013, Huamao Education Foundation launched the “Rainbow Project”, with a focus on children who are poor or left behind. This charity event is divided into Charity Summer Camp, Rainbow House, Rainbow Tour, Rainbow Aid and many other sub-projects. Among them, the Charity Summer Camp is a favorite of children.
In the 6 years since the launch of the charity summer camp, more and more volunteers have participated in the Rainbow Charity Summer Camp: Ningbo University Drip Action Charity Group, Hong Kong volunteer LISA who has taught the children for 4 consecutive years, and MONA, the honorary citizen of Ningbo and granddaughter of Mao Xiaoqing a representative of "Overseas Ningbonese" in Taiwan. MONA said: "Ningbo is Grandpa’s hometown. I also want to contribute to this place and spread love and goodness." This year, the teams and individuals from Nottingham University Youth Association, Hao’ran Technology, Amy Foreign Language Studio also joined the volunteer team.
When I got the curriculum, I was so happy: happy farm, DIY biscuits, fun English, creative art, and a visit to the Science Research Center. “It can't be more fun.” The summer camp also has a meaningful “follow-up”. ": Five outstanding children will become "Rainbow Star" who will join the Rainbow charity team to participate in the Rainbow Charity Tour in August. They will bring donations and go deep into the southwestern part of Guizhou to carry out student support activities.



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