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Waterscape Show is to Staged in Cultural Square
Updated:2018-07-10 15:47:00

The waterscape show with the theme of “Dance of Light and Colors, Reminiscence of Jiangnan” was unveiled on water stage in Ningbo Cultural Square: magical lighting, beautiful music, beautiful songs and dances, picturesque scenery and beautiful scenery... This is the third time that Ningbo Cultural Square has launched an open water show performance in summer to let the public enjoy the coolness of the plaza and enjoy the stage water show with high technology and art.
According to the planner of the show, the water show in 2018 is still presented in the form of a song and dance show on a submerged stage. Compared with the previous two years, there is innovation in the stage, dance and light: classic scenes of Jiangnan like the horse-head wall, stone bridge,pavilion and quay, combined with the beautiful storyline, the gorgeous stage lighting. The show presented the audience with a beautiful and poetic “Dream world of Jiangnan”.
The 2018 Waterscape Show will last for the whole summer of 2018. The performance will be held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening starting from July 6th, two shows per night, every show half an hour. The  show will last until the evening of September 2.



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