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Thousands of Technicians Go to the Countryside to Help Boost Agriculture
Updated:2018-07-09 17:12:00
The Bureau of Science and Technology announced another list of 1,051 scientific and technical personnel, 239 of which had a PHD degree, 346 masters, 303 college undergraduates. In addition, Ningbo set up 165 technical special teams, such as " Ningbo University sea crab technology cultivation team ", promoting the collaboration between enterprises and institutions to serve the 10 districts and counties of the whole city.
Scientific special commissioner was an important system to encourage and guide scientific and technological talents to the rural areas to carry out scientific and technological entrepreneurship and scientific and technological services. Since the start of 2013, nearly 3000 technicians has been sent to the rural areas, 200 agricultural enterprises established, and over 3,000 items of new technologies in agricultural rural areas, which directly increase the income of more than 10,000 households in the countryside.
According to official from the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, this year Ningbo will further give play to the role of the science and technology commissioner, whose work in agricultural scientific and technological innovation will be applied to train talents in rural areas and build beautiful villages. In this case, the power of scientific and technological strength can benefit the development in rural areas.


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