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Much-anticipated China-CEEC Expo Opens in Ningbo
Updated:2018-06-09 14:58:00

As the 2018 China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo opened in Ningbo, a wide variety of activities aiming to strengthen ties between China and the Central and Eastern European countries (CEEC) are being staged in the coastal city.
According to a news conference, this year's China-CEEC Expo, along with the 20th China Zhejiang Investment & Trade Symposium and the 17th China International Consumer Goods Fair, have four sections, namely conferences and forums, investment symposiums, trading exhibitions and cultural exchanges.
During the event, a series of parallel activities such as the China-CEEC Mayors of Cities Summit and the China-CEEC Investment and Cooperation Symposium will be held to strengthen trading and economic ties between the two regions.




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