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Ningbo Old Bund Held "A Bite of CEEC Food" Activity
Updated:2018-06-05 16:09:00
As an important part of the 4th China-CEEC Trade and Investment Fair, the 2nd "A Bite of CEEC Food" activity will be held at the Old Bund from June 7 to 9. At the opening ceremony of the activity, the residence office of Lithuanian Enterprise Department in Ningbo will be inaugurated, and the citizens of Ningbo will have the opportunity to enjoy the food and culture from the CEEC countries.
Latvia is the host country of this year’s trade and investment fair, and the "taste of Latvia" activity from May 15 to June 6 has attracted a lot of local visitors at the Raffles City, with such featured food from Latvia as honey beer, canned fish, rye bread and chocolate. At the site of the food activity, a number of enterprises involved in the import trade for featured products from the 16 central and eastern European countries, such as Latvia, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, will display a series of featured imports, covering such 15 categories as drinks, beverage, snacks, grain and oil and cosmeceuticals.
Meanwhile, the CEEC products exhibition and food tasting activity, the CEEC style exhibition, and the art-food interaction party will also be held along the riverside area of the Old Bund, which will further stage a gourmet campaign of the CEEC food.
During the three days of the activity, from 4pm to 9pm each day, there will be the product exhibition and food making activities for different countries at the riverside area, to display the featured food and culture of the CEEC countries. At the Music & Food Party, the featured music bands and dancing teams from the 16 CEEC countries will stage their performance for the visitors. The Movie & Food Party will show the distinctive movies from the CEEC countries, providing a vivid way for the citizens to experience the CEEC culture. At the food appreciation activity, the chefs from Latvia, Bulgaria, Hungary and also Ningbo will make the special food on the site for the visitors to taste, including such featured food as melon ham, baked pork chops, the Prague-style street burgers, egg sauce toast and fried eggs with potatoes.



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