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List of "most beautiful greenways in Ningbo" Released
Updated:2018-06-05 14:43:00
The first list of the "most beautiful greenways" was released, selecting the top ten greenways in Ningbo, according to Ningbo Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development.
As is known, the selection procedure starts with the recommendation of the local governments of the districts and counties, then after the online voting, the experts will conduct the field inspection and then select the final top ten.
Finally, the top ten go to the riverside greenway of the core urban area, the mountaineering green road of the Luting Township of Yuyao County, the slow green road of the Taishan Road of Beilun District, the Damu Bay green road of Xiangshan County, the Cloud Lake green road of the Cicheng Town of Jiangbei District, the north ring green road of Cixi County, the Xu Xiake green road of Ninghai County, the fitness green road of the Academician Park of Yinzhou District, the lakeside green road of the Dongqian Lake, and the coastal green road of the Songlan Mountain of Xiangshan County.  
Greenways, also known as green roads, are the public open spaces that can link two or more open areas, with such leisure service characteristics as slow lane conditions, environment-based construction, good ecological environment and post house services. "The green roads are new to Ningbo, we have made some progress in the development of the green roads and they have been well received by the citizens." said experts from Ningbo Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development. The first top ten green roads are the pilots of the characteristic green road development of Ningbo. With the different geographic conditions, such as the towns, countryside, mountain areas and coastal or riverside areas, they will play a guiding role for the development of the green roads in future.



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