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Ningbo Symphony Orchestra Performs At Ningbo Grand Theatre
Updated:2018-04-09 15:52:00

A magnificent symphony concert was performed at Ningbo Grand Theatre on the evening, by the best team of Ningbo Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Professor Yu Feng, Art Director and Chief Conductor of the orchestra.
Hero, the symphony No.3 of Beethoven, is the first work that deviates from the Vienna Symphony Model. Under the conduction of Professor Yu, the players of the orchestra presented the whole work wonderfully to the audience, with the second movement being slow and dull, the third movement being full of energy and the fourth one being the climax. The first movement adopted the Prometheus them frequently used in Beethoven's early works, and with the 11 consecutive magnificent variations, fully conveyed the triumph of the heroes.
With Beethoven’s music as the theme of the concert, the "Vier Letzte Lieder" by Richard Strauss is its highlight. The work from a later age of Richard Strauss shows the composer's attachment to life, love of nature, thoughts on death and yearning for the perpetual tranquility. At the concert, the singer of the work is soprano Song Mingyuan. Her performance left a strong impression on the audience with the vivid conveying of the noble innocence, the dazzling beauty, the joy for the beautiful day and landscape, and the sentiment of the twilight of life of Richard Strauss.



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