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Changzhou-Ningbo Sea-Rail Train Put into Service
Updated:2018-04-08 11:14:00

The first "Changzhou-Ningbo Sea-Rail Train" loaded with 37 containers of cargo started off from the East freight yard of ChangZhou Railway Station in Jiangsu, and the destination was Ningbo. It is reported that the goods arrived in Beilun port this morning within 20 hours.
Changzhou, as an important foreign trade city in the Yangtze River Delta region, witnesses tremendous strides in the foreign trade in recent years, with photovoltaic, chemical, steel, building materials and furniture as pillar industries. Particularly, the total production of photovoltaic industry ranks the first nationwide. With the acceleration of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, Zhejiang manufacturing enterprises, including Ningbo companies, rush to Changzhou to invest and make their products transported through highway to Zhoushan port of Ningbo for exports.
In order to give full play to the assets of the sea rail combined transport, from December last year, Ningbo Xinggang Sea Rail Logistics Co., Ltd. jointed with the China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd., Nanjing freight center, launched the "Changzhou-Ningbo sea rail through transportation special train". According to the center leader, the train realizes the seamless docking for the export shipments in Beilun port, which is very convenient.




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