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Cultural Activities Held in Grassroot Communities in Ningbo
Updated:2018-04-04 10:42:00
The Culture & Sport Center of the Jishigang Town, Haishu District was crowded with people. The group dance "Jishigang Town Full of Flowers" was heartedly applauded, marking the inauguration of Cultural Shows in Grassroot Communities. The picture is a Beijing Opera “Qun Ying Hui” (Gathering of Talents) performed by students from Ningbo Zhongcheng Primary School.
The purpose of the grass-roots arts show is to see how construction of the literacy and art association in towns is going, and to further stimulate the vitality of grass-roots culture. It is learnt that this activity is to be held throughout the year and is included as a leading activity in the fifth citizen culture and arts festival. The show consists of four major themed sections: drama, music and dance, folk arts, calligraphy, paintings and photography, with each quarter celebrating one section. Among them, 10 excellent performances and teams will be selected in the groups of opera, music and dance. Outstanding works of calligraphy, painting and photography will be exhibited in the city.



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