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Ningbo Will Build Over 154 km of Green Roads
Updated:2018-04-04 09:52:00

According to the Ningbo 2018 action plan for implementation of the green-road network construction, issued by Ningbo Housing and Urban-rural Development Committee, more than 154 kilometers of green road of all sorts will be built in Ningbo.
Those newly-built green road will give top priority to ecology while attaching equal importance to culture, that is, the layout must be based on better ecological security pattern and urban-rural ecological environment to see that the role of ecological corridor is fully played; highlight cultural elements so as to achieve a balance between cultural heritage protection and cultural tourism experience. Meanwhile, when it comes to location-selection, it is necessary to suit measures to different conditions, to be specific, take advantage of existing landscape resources and avoid large-scale exploitation to alleviate adverse impacts on natural landform while adding some local characteristics.
Moreover, the green road is required to be built to meet the needs of people at multi-level with improved public service facilities and  people-oriented supporting facilities as sign system, barrier-free system and emergency response system.
It is reported that Ningbo plans to invest about 1.8 billion yuan to speed up the construction of 55 green roads within the city in 2018. And the city will take urban organic renewal and sponge city construction into consideration to take consorted efforts to push ahead green road network construction.




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