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Ningbo Provides Spring Ploughing Guides
Updated:2018-03-12 11:12:00

There established a "science and technology fair" in Tashan square of Fenghua Jiangkou street, which attracted many farmers from different places despite rainy days. They came here for techniques from agricultural experts in the activities of spreading science and technology to countryside. Some of the advanced agricultural machinery on exhibition aroused the interest of many large crop-land owners and  the staff demonstrated the operating methods. 
Early in the morning, the technical service team, composed by experts and agriculture technical staff from the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry Department of Fenghua, has been well prepared. They arranged dozens of information desks specifying seeds and seedlings, husbandry and veterinary medicine, safety of agricultural products, soil and fertilizer, plant protection and etc. Agricultural department issues major planting and animal husbandry technologies and new farming system, offers technology training related to quality and safety of agricultural products, management, food production and etc. in Jiangkou Street Adult School. The leaders of the local agricultural cooperatives, family farms and agricultural enterprises from other villages and towns in the Fenghua District listened to experts' explanations.
The spring ploughing season is at the moment. The activities are a prelude to city agricultural system services. According to reports, the services are organizing agriculture technical staff to provide instructions to villages, cooperatives, enterprises, farms and households in the city-county-village three-tier level. They explain policies, teach technologies, give agricultural materials and information, helping farmers to solve the difficulties in mass production of spring and laying a solid foundation for the annual grain harvest.
2018 is the key year for Ningbo to fully implement the strategy of Rural Revitalization and promote the high-level construction of green urban agriculture. "152211" Project is to be carried out to build a modern agricultural development platform. By 2020, 15 agricultural parks above provincial level, 20 featured agricultural towns, an agricultural industry chain worth of 20 billion RMB, 100 beautiful countryside demonstration bases and 100 modern agricultural manors will come into being. The construction of green agriculture demonstration zone should be accelerated.




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