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Parrotia Subaequalis Found in Fenghua
Updated:2018-03-09 10:04:00

Considered as the “earliest ancestor” of angiosperm, parrotia subaequalis has taken its root on the earth since 67 million years ago. It has been included into the first group of "state-level endangered wild plants".
Lin Hailun, a Ningbo researcher who studies plants, found three places that grew about 40 parrotia subaequalis in all in Yushu Mountain, Shangtian Town, Fenghua District, of which the highest sea level is lower than 400 meters and the biggest trees is 6 meters high with 12-meter DBH ( diameter at breast height).  
“This sort of plant usually exists in alpine areas with an elevation of 700 meters, yet this place’s height is even below 400 meters." said Lin, "This is the first time that parrotia subaequalis was found in collection.” He used to find parrotia subaequalis in  the higher-altitude area of Siming Mountain.
It is the wish of Lin Hailun to make this precious plant become one of the urban garden trees. And the newly found parrotia subaequalis shows him the possibility of planting the tree in the low-altitude area. He expressed that “I hope relevant departments can protect this precious wild resource in time, carry out special investigation, and try to popularize it in urban gardens."
Parrotia subaequalis has undergone the whole process of evolution, however, its way of like has kept unchanged: blooming with no petal. It can be assumed as enjoyment to appreciate the parrotia subaequalis whose leaves will turn bright red or golden before they fall in late autumn. Unlike common deciduous trees, its color is "purer", usually bright red or golden in whole, therefore, giving rise to better visual effect.



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