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Ningbo Displayed Russian Contemporary Oil Painting Works
Updated:2018-03-08 14:43:00

The Russian Contemporary Oil Painting Excellent Works Exhibition, was kicked off at Ningbo Museum of Art hosted by Ningbo university and co-organized by Ningbo Museum of Art and Ningbo Huasheng Culture and Art Communication Co., Ltd..
Russia, renowned for profound cultural heritage, has cultivated many great artists and writers who created countless excellent works in the field of literature, music, drama and art theory. And the world-famous Repin Academy of Fine Arts has fostered a large number of oil-painting talents.
The exhibition displays over 50 oil paintings created by four great painters from Repin Academy of Fine Arts. These works vary in themes as well as styles, representing an epitome of Russian contemporary oil painting. Served as a art communication bond between China and Russia, the exhibition will play a positive role in promoting the development and renewal of the concept of art education in colleges and universities.
It is reported that the exhibition will last until March 25th.



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