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Ningbo Trading Group Reaches A Transaction of $206 Million on East China Fair
Updated:2018-03-07 14:23:00

As the first domestic import and export exhibition held in the early Year of the Dog, the East China Fair is not only closely related to the annual harvest of foreign trade enterprises, but also represents a window to understand the changes of the international market in the context of current complicated foreign trade situation.
Ningbo enterprises attach great importance to this exhibition and hope to explore foreign trade markets and achieve new breakthrough by taking advantage of this platform. A number of 215 foreign trade enterprises from Ningbo attended the 28th East China Fair with a total of 320 booths.
Ningbo trading group achieves a transaction of $206 million
The general trend of the year’s foreign trade can be learned from the number of exhibitors as well as volume of orders achieved at the exhibition for it is the earliest foreign trade exhibition held in China. According to the performance of the 28th East China Fair that just concluded on March 4th, the international market is on its way to rally.
According to statistics from the organizers of the Fair, it has attracted  more than 20,000 foreign businessmen from 109 countries and regions, with a total export turnover of 2.32 billion US dollars. Asian merchants, represented by Japan and South Korea, had a proactive performance, while the turnover realized by US merchants ranked third. In the course of the exhibition, Ningbo enterprises has taken proactive efforts to establish business relationship with potential clients, as a result, achieving a total export volume of 206 million US dollars, representing a slight year-on-year increase.
 Signs of foreign trade recovery have begun to emerge since 2017, and it turns to be more obvious in this year. In 2017, the export value of Ningbo was higher than the national average of 3.5%, and the import value was higher than the national average of 18.4%; moreover, the city’s export value in last year accounted for 3.25% of the whole country, an increase of 0.1% year-on-year; its import and export volume accounted for 30% of the total of Zhejiang Province, of which the export value accounted for 26%. And the first month of 2018 saw a 16.2% increase in the domestic import and export volume, 9% increase in the province’s, and 12.7% increase in Ningbo’s.
Explore new market
Ningbo trading group gives priority to integrating their products with international standards at the fair so as to achieve precision marketing and expand global market. In addition, it has made quick respond to the changes of the international market, an evidence of the efforts paid by Ningbo foreign trade enterprises.
Refine export to make better profits
How to improve profitability has become a new topic for more and more Ningbo enterprises amid the new normal of foreign trade recovery.
 A number of companies has obtained benefits by promoting the “design” of their products and realizing a refined export. Taking Ningbo Baina Fashion Co., Ltd. as an example, it began to produce sweaters for infants and children in 1999, while at present it has basically realized the export of a whole collection (except for jeans and down jacket) of children's clothing.



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