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Ningbo Will Open Charity Park
Updated:2018-03-06 15:36:00

Ningbo, a city of charity which is rated as national civilized city for 5 years in a row, has always held its name card of love. To expand Ningbo love and pass warmth to more people, Ningbo Charity Park, which is the first large park themed with charity, is going to open. 
Ningbo Love Park Opening Ceremony and Lei Feng volunteer service activities will be held in the Yuanhao River Park (South of Qin Bridge, west of Lingqiao Road) on March 6th.
"Ningbo Civilized Behavior Promotion Regulation" stipulates: "public places and facilities including parks and squares shall be used as educational activity bases for honoring and propaganda. Stone templates shall be erected to memorize and prize civilized behavior models including philanthropists, public-spirited people, courageous people and organ subscribers."
The construction of Ningbo Charity Park is the implementation of the regulation and a measure to deepen civilized city construction and carry forward desirable social trends.
Ningbo Charity Park will be the base for the city's moral honor releasing and displaying, moral propaganda and education activities. The love park has carefully built charity corners, charity exhibition halls, and sculptures which are created based on such love stories as "Angel Granny" and "Letting nature take its course".
On the same day, the love Ningbo exhibition hall in the park will make the debut. The exhibition area of about 100 square meters, showcases Ningbo love stories and characters, including the national moral model, Ningbo boating community member Yu Fuling, the national moral model, Xiangshan county animal husbandry and veterinary station master, Chen Shufang, anonymous love character Lin Ping who donated her liver to save others.
The exhibition hall will also set up the love Ningbo pillar box which conveys the warmth and civilization from visitors to their distant friends and relatives through love postcards they write.
More than 1000 books will also be presented on the exhibition including bestsellers like Tu Youyou and Guess How much I Love You. At the same time, the exhibition hall shows the paintings, paper-cut and pottery handworks that embody the love of Ningbo.
A series of voluntary service activities and love donations will be held on the scene.



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