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Blooming flowers usher in bright spring
The ecological corridor of the Eastern New Town of Ningbo has become a golden field recently with the blooming cole flowers. Reportedly, among the 13,000 square meters of cole flower field, there is about 11,000 square meters of yellow flowers, 1,000 square...
International stationery exhibition kicks off
The 16th China International Stationery and Gifts Fair opened at Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, with an exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, 1503 international standard booths and 955 exhibitors, the largest in history.
Bus shelters upgraded
As the spring comes, the bus shelter at Ximenkou is also covered with a bright "China Red." It is learned from the Municipal Bus Station Company that the first batch of 39 bus shelters in the city has been replaced with new makeup, and it has become more an...
Jiangbei Cherry Blossom Culture Festival opens
With cherry blossoms blooming on the hillside, and the crowds playing at the foot of the mountain play, the 3rd Cherry Blossom Culture Festival in Jiangbei District opened in Luye Mountain Residence. The citizens and tourists in Hanfu from all over the worl...
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