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Longshan Yu's Old House Buildings
Updated:2019-10-18 16:18:00
Longshan Yu's Old House Buildings (be called for short as Yu's old house) is located in Shanxia Village, Longshan Town. This building is the Chinese and Western courtyard built by the representative of Ningbo Gang, Yu Qiaqing who has gone to Shanghai for business and gain fame and fortune. The whole building integrates traditional Chinese Western architectural art. The integration, the grand scale, the unique style and the exquisite craft represent the relatively high level that the architecture craft can achieve at that time. It is an excellent modern building in China.
Yu's old house sits north to the south and the building layout runs through a central axis. It is a successful example of the combination of Chinese and Western architecture in modern era. In 1997, Cixi Municipal People's Government announced the former residence of Yu Qiaqing as the fourth batch of cultural relics protection units. In 2001, the State Council announced the Longshan Yu's Old House Buildings as the fifth batch of national key cultural relics protection units. In 2004, Cixi Municipal People's Government allocated 5 million yuan to comprehensively repair the Longshan Yu's Old House and restore its original appearance.
Address: Shanxia Village, Longshan Town, Cixi City
Tel: 0574-63789393


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