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Tianluo Mountain Relics
Updated:2019-10-16 16:42:00
Tianluo Mountain Relics is located at the entrance of XiangˇŻao Village, Sanqi City Town, and recently discovered and excavated in Zhejiang Province. The total area of?the site is about 30,000 square meters, and the cultural accumulation thickness is more than 3 meters. It is divided into 6 cultural layers, which is about 5500-7000 years from this year's generation.
Tianluo Mountain Relics is a prehistoric village relic in which the Hemudu culture has been best preserved and the underground remains relatively intact. She provides people with a valuable research perspective to enrich and improve the cultural connotation of Hemudu. The overall situation of cultural archaeological research provides a valuable opportunity.
Tianluo Mountain Relics Site Museum is the first place to protect and display the original site in the southern water towns of China. It has created a new archaeological method by the protection shed. It not only provides excellent working conditions for wild archaeology, but also observes the archaeology for the audience to get the archaeological knowledge of process and popularization. Tianluo Mountain Relics Site Museum is currently the forefront of Hemudu Culture Research. It and the Hemudu Site Museum will complement each other and will become the research and exhibition center of prehistoric civilization in southern China.
Route to the museum: Enter S319 (61 provincial road) on the back of Yuyao City and go to the intersection of Erliu City Village, Sanqi City Town. Look at the road sign and turn north. Then proceed for about 200 meters.
Address: Sanqi City Town, Yuyao City, Ningbo City
Tel: 0574-62308288


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