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Wushan Seashore Grotto
Updated:2018-07-10 16:39:00
Ningbo Wushan Seashore Grotto State Mine Park is located in eastern Zhe jiang coastal central bay, attached to the small Changjie Town of Ninghai county in Nirngo City, the park consists of 14 cavern groups, with core area of 2. 32 square kiloneters, its quarry lithology is typical Mesozoic rock of of pyroclastic fallout facies rhyolite(with) shard ruff.
Wind and the birds will seed into the cave, wild flower ower vines aid wall-volley, different style. Sui and Tang Dynasties, the nature and the ancient artisans create unimaginable magic magnificent world artist. Over 800cavens of various shapes, some like an enormous carillon, as a pot covering form its top with barrel walls a around: some like the ancient military screen account, with long cliffs and caves stacked from the top to the bottom, connecting form left to right, caves are linking with one another, with odd and winding twists and turns, deep and unpredictable.
Wushan Seashore Grotto State Mine Park is the most comprehensive and typical ancient cave quarry mining site saved in the coastal
areas of China, with large number of steps, gutters, soft bridge, hare brideg, stone beams, chisel needles, cutting materials and ancient sites of craftsmen text, giving a clear reflection of its well-preserved mining scenes and the ancient quarrying process. Its scientific rational and smart co-ordination of quarrying technology is with high value of thte science expedition. The study of ancient human quarrying process and historical culture, is of great significance.



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