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Ningbo City Agricultural Zone
Updated:2018-03-03 14:46:00

Ningbo City Agricultural Zone is located in Hongtang Town, Jiangbei District of Ningbo, adjacent to Baoguo Temple on the east, the Yaojiang River on the south, the Hemudu Site Museum on the west, and the Sunhu Lake Recreational Resort on the north. Conveniently located, the zone is 10 kilometers from the Hang-Yong Expressway, 16 km from the Lishe Airport, near the Ningbo-Cixi Highway, the Jiangbei Thoroughfare, and Ningbo Outer-ring Avenue.
Ningbo City Agricultural Zone is a national-grade comprehensive project of agricultural science and technologies, one of the 12 provincial-level Agricultural Experimental Zones of Zhejiang Province and the Municipal-level Zone of Agricultural Science and Technologies. It is planned that in the future the zone will cover an area of 1,000 hectares. At present, it consists of four parts: the Demonstration High-tech Agricultural Park, the Sunhu Lake Scenic Area, the Ecological Landscape Area, and the Baoguo Temple Forest Park. Cooperating with the talent resources of the R&D institutions and higher education institutions, the zone now concentrates on farming and at the same time, it is engaged in the introduction and application of agricultural sciences and technologies. As a city agricultural zone with high economic, ecological and social returns, the zone's business embraces agricultural production, processing, marketing, and scientific research. The zone has now such recreational facilities as the Botanic Garden, Orchard for Creational Purposes, Fishing Pond, Flower Garden, and the Farmers' Paradise.
Suggested Itinerary
Ecological Landscape Park--High-tech Agricultural Demonstration Park--Botanical Garden--Flower Garden--Experimental Agricultural Science and Technology Field--Modern Greenhouse Nursery Garden--Angler's Paradise--Baoguo Temple Forest Park--Paradise of Birds--Sun Lake Scenic Resort--Water Recreational Resort--Ecological Agricultural Field.
Ticket Price:50Yuan(30Yuan for picking and 20Yuan for visiting Green School)
Telephone:0574-87579999, 18968299866, 0574-87575716(Green School)



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