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Longshan Yu's Old House Buildings
Longshan Yu's Old House Buildings (be called for short as Yu's old house) is located in Shanxia Village, Longshan Town. This building is the Chinese and Western courtyard built by the representative of Ningbo Gang, Yu Qiaqing who has gone to Shanghai for bu...
Bamboo Drifting
Bamboo Drifting is a rafting spot. It is located in Chiang Kai-shek's grandmother's house. It is conveniently located only 50 kilometers from Ningbo and the drifting is 2 km in total. The time about all journey is 1 hour. Bamboo Resort (Ningbo Bamboo Drafti...
Tianluo Mountain Relics
Tianluo Mountain Relics is located at the entrance of Xiang’ao Village, Sanqi City Town, and recently discovered and excavated in Zhejiang Province. The total area of?the site is about 30,000 square meters, and the cultural accumulation thickness is more ...
Xujia Mountain Stone Ancient Village
Xujia Mountain Stone Ancient Village is the largest and best preserved stone house Ancient Village in Ningbo. It is also a demonstration for the stone house construction community in the coastal area of eastern Zhejiang. On December 13, 2010, it was awarded...
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