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The Former Residence of Xia Yan
Updated:2019-05-30 15:04:00

Xia Yan is China¡¯s great master of art and literature. He was born in Hangzhou. In 1915, Xia entered Zhejiang Industrial School, Zhejiang University¡¯s technical school. Amongst the dozens of plays and screenplays penned by Xia Yan, the most renowned works include ¡°Under the Eaves of Shanghai¡± (1937) and ¡°The Fascist Bacillus¡± (1944). He rose to the position of vice-minister for culture in the 1960s but he spent eight years in prison following Cultural Revolution. The Xia Yan Film Literature Awards are named in his honor. Xia¡¯s former residence is called "Ba Yong Tang¡±. It is now a patriotic education base.


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