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Asian Dragon Bay
Updated:2018-09-14 10:30:00

Located 25 kilometers east of Sanya city£¨Asian Dragon Bay(Yalong Wan/ Yalongwan Guff/Yalong Bay)is regarded as the best beach in Hainan province. Asian Dragon Bay(Yalong Wan/ Yalong wan /Yanlongwan Gulf/Yalong Bay) boasts unparalleled beauty. The 7. 5-kilometer(4.7-mile)long,crescent-shaped bay with an area of 18.6 square kilometers(about 7.2 square miles) is pne of the famous scenic spots in Hainan Province.

With the average temperature a pleasant 25.5 °śall year-around,Yalong Bay is situated in the southernmost part of Hainan Province 25km(about 15.5miles)away from the tropical seaside tourist city,Sanya.The scenery is amazing,with endess rolling hills,serene gulfs,clesr blue sea and silver sand beaches-three times as long as any in Hawaii.Home to several well-preserved coral reefs with tropical fish of varied kinds,colors and shapes the ocean here is crystal clear£¨allowing visitors to view underwater sights up 10 meters (33feet)deep from the surface.

Yalong Bay boasts the five essential elements of modern tourism :sea£¨sands,sunshine£¨lush green plants and fresh air. In 1992£¨the Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization once marked that this bay embraces the unique and unparalleled natural settings£¨sands£¨crystal sea water£¨endless seashore£¨unspoiled hills and pristine vegetation£¨making it a paradise for holiday travelers.



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