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Why Pizza
Located outside Wanda Plaza, the store has two floors. The environment is good with ins wind decoration and simple atmosphere and the style is very flattering.   Recommended dishes: cheese strips, round fruit, grilled wings, chicken mushroom nut pasta  ...
A brunch coffee shop with a clean and simple environment and the price is not expensive. The chicken wings in the store are very special, the skin is crunchy, and the inside is also very tasty.   Recommended dishes: Italian bolognese, beef sausage pizza, ...
Indiana Indian Restaurant and multicuisine
An Indian restaurant located near Nantang Old Street, with its striking signature and distinctive facade, the interior is decorated in an Indian style.   Recommended: Butter Chicken Curry, Butter Pizza, BBQ Chicken, Mango Yogurt, Indian Milk Tea, Saffron ...
Yes or no
Yes or no is a Southeast Asian restaurant and the Thai food is very authentic. The green chicken is a must-have dish, the chicken is tender and the curry is very strong. If you like eating durian, you must order durian roast spring chicken.   Address: No....
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