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D Sky Home
D Sky Home is a western restaurant with a two-story structure with quite and elegant atmosphere. The decoration is retro, like a coffee, but also like European home museum. There are many potted plants outside, like a small garden. The spring special featur...
Cizer Coffee
Cizer Coffee is located at No. 1 Xijiang Ancient Village, Tiangong castle, Xiaying Street, Yinzhou District. With a pleasant environment, a cup of coffee is seated and all the troubles are gone. It is a pleasure place for gathering and entertaining.
Coffee Mix
The cafe is very artistic, bright yet steady; popular yet elegant. The European bar did not follow MUJI and IKEA and the feeling in cafe is surprisingly good.   Address: No.73 Xingjiefang, Jiangbei District   Tel: 0574-87461176
Monster, an American hamburger reatsurant use freshly fried patty fillings, but does not over-process and maintains the original taste. Featured Series: Monster Beef Burger, Foie Beef Burger, Roasted Chicken Tucker and more.   Address: 1 floor Yicai Shopp...
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