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Tea Co.
It is a small French-style shop, which gives people the first impression: pure white. The store is white, the curtains are white, with a layer of lace and a layer of yarn.   Address: No. 1999 Zhongshan East Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo
BAROLO is a small town in Italy. The restaurant, called BAROLO, hopes to bring the town's food and wine to ningbo as a way of life. At BAROLO you can taste the Italian food culture.   The dining room is like a small castle with a clean corner. It's quiet ...
The layout of the store is warm and romantic, and many accessories are full of rich French local characteristics. Pancakes are the specialties here. They are salty and sweet. Salty buckwheat pancakes are a bit like Chinese pancakes. They lay the ingredients...
D Sky Home
D Sky Home is a western restaurant with a two-story structure with quite and elegant atmosphere. The decoration is retro, like a coffee, but also like European home museum. There are many potted plants outside, like a small garden. The spring special featur...
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