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Yongjin Square
Updated:2019-10-16 16:39:00
The transportation of Yongjin Square is convenient, and it is the most lively place in Xiangshan Dancheng. The square is very large and is a circular building composed of several buildings. In addition to the first floor of RT-Mart, the square has many restaurants, leisure areas, cinemas on the second and third floors, and there is KTV and other entertainment place on the fourth floor. Ití»s great to have an afternoon tea on the weekends with friends. Yongjin Square has become a good place for people to stroll and go shopping in Xiangshan.
Address: Intersection of Xinhua Road and Dannan Road, Xiangshan County, Ningbo City
Tel: 0574-89509999 (Information is for reference only)


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