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Mingzhouli Shopping Mall
Updated:2019-09-09 16:50:00
The Mingzhou Li Shopping Center opened in 2017 and is located opposite Ningbo Wanda Plaza in Yinzhou. It is known as the ˇ°Light Luxury Shopping Centerˇ±. As the first light luxury theme shopping center in Ningbo, Mingzhou Li introduces the special merchants such as Box Horse Fresh Life. Customers can directly purchase fresh products, cook on the spot, and eat the same type of red Boston lobster, which is convenient and affordable. In addition to eating, Mingzhou Li focuses on the line. Ningbo's first Porsche Digital Showroom uses a unique interactive approach, using multimedia and digital as a display technology, using the latest video animation technology, combined with unique graphic digital and multimedia technology. The function of real-time interconnection between people through computers brings customers an extraordinary experience.
Address: No. 7 Siming West Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo (opposite Wanda Plaza)


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