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Ningbo Raffles City
Updated:2018-05-22 16:57:00

Ningbo Raffles City is located at the intersection of Daqing South Road and Dazha South Road in Jiangbei District of Ningbo City, adjacent to the high-end residential “Cade Huihao Tianxia”. It is surrounded by high-end residential and office buildings, and is connected to the Metro Line 2.
Ningbo Raffles City is a masterpiece of the well-known international architects Sibang. The overlapping ribbons make the parts seamlessly connected. The design of the residential tower gives people a sense of comfort and tranquility; the facade of the mall is lively and vivid; the office building stands tall. This comprehensive project directly absorbs the vitality of the surrounding cities.
Address: No.99 Daqing South Road, Ningbo City



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