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Metro Ningbo
Updated:2017-12-27 15:39:00

Metro Ningbo known as Ningbo Maidelong is a B2B "Cash and Carry" store targeting on hotels, restaurants and companies. Metro is located in Yinzhou just opposite the foreign residence East Lake Garden (Donghu Huayuan) and 15 minutes by taxi from Tianyi Square. Ningbo Metro was the first foreign store to open in Ningbo in 1998. On December the 18th of 2007 a grand reopening celebration announced a new organization and an extension of the shopping area to 11000 sqm. Metro Ningbo is offering more than 20,000 different kinds of goods!
Metro was the first one to launch the C&C (cash and carry) way of sale and is also the first foreign supermarket in Ningbo. A lot of imported products are available. MEMBER CARD NEEDED.
District: Yinzhou
Location: Maidelong Shopping Area
Address: Maidelong Lu 1 Hao
Opening Hours: 06:00- 22:00



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