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Yongjin Square
The transportation of Yongjin Square is convenient, and it is the most lively place in Xiangshan Dancheng. The square is very large and is a circular building composed of several buildings. In addition to the first floor of RT-Mart, the square has many rest...
Ala Ningbo Kaoji
Ala Ningbo Kaoji,the locals prefer to call it Xingning Roast Chicken Shop,which is a local roasting poultry shop opened in Ningbo for about 30 years.Roast chicken is the signboard in the store. Each one is golden and bright, and it shines brightly, which ...
Baisha Food Market
As a veteran food market in Ningbo for several decades, the new Baisha market opened on September 1st after the relocation. The new market is just 50 meters away from the old . The lighting, display and other facilities in the market are completely new and ...
Mingzhouli Shopping Mall
The Mingzhou Li Shopping Center opened in 2017 and is located opposite Ningbo Wanda Plaza in Yinzhou. It is known as the “Light Luxury Shopping Center”. As the first light luxury theme shopping center in Ningbo, Mingzhou Li introduces the special merchant...
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