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How to care for the elderly when they travel outside
Updated:2019-10-15 16:32:00
1. The elderly are prone to fatigue and are not easy to recover. There must be adequate rest and sleep during the tour. If you feel uncomfortable, take a few days off or stop your trip. You should sit down at any time during a long walk.
2, the elderly body temperature regulation function is poor, easy to catch cold, so the clothes should be enough to increase or decrease at any time. Don't take off your clothes when you are sweating. In areas with large temperature difference between day and night, cover the blanket before sleeping, and close the doors and windows when it is windy and raining at night.
3, the elderly gastrointestinal function is weakened, easy to cause digestive dysfunction, so diet should be light, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, eat less greasy and spicy cold food, it is best to drink less or not.
4, the elderly have poor balance control, walking is often unstable, easy to fall and trip down, in addition to a few healthy physique people, in general, try less excessive physical activity such like climbing up or getting down the water.
5. When the elderly are traveling, they should pay attention to the health of the feet, such as wearing soft and fit shoes, hotting feet with hot water at night, and self-massage of the muscles and feet of the legs, so that you can travel and feel extraordinarily brisk no matter walking or climbing.


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