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Eye experts educate students on nearsightedness
Updated:2019-06-12 15:15:00
A team of eye experts reached out to Tianjin Yiyang Meijiang International School for an eye care education program, to help the students learn about how to prevent nearsightedness.
The team was led by Tianjin Medical University, and brought together experts from the department of ophthalmology at TMU General Hospital, TMU Eye Hospital, and TMU Ophthalmology and Optometry Department.
In 2018, 53.6 percent of Chinese children were nearsighted, and the figure was 81 percent for students in senior high schools. As more children find their vision impaired, the problem has grown in urgency for the general public.
For years, the team has worked to help local students improve eye health by providing free services, including examinations on sight and ocular refraction and keeping eye health records for students. Based on their years of research and field study, the experts have offered tips for the prevention of nearsightedness.


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