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UK Expert: Body-clock study could pave way for new asthma treatment
Updated:2018-09-17 16:14:00
The human body clock could have a significant impact on the way doctors diagnose and treat asthma, a study by the University of Manchester, home to the largest biological timing research community in Europe, revealed Monday.
The university's Dr Hannah Durrington, who led the study, said their "body clock" work has important implications on clinical practice in asthma and other inflammatory conditions.
A study of over 300 severe asthmatics found their sputum samples were more than twice as likely to have more inflammatory cells, or eosinophils, in morning clinics than in the afternoon. Levels of eosinophils - a biomarker in sputum - are used to guide treatment in severe asthma patients.
Durrington said doctors and patients have long known that asthma symptoms are at their worst in the small hours of the morning. But previous research has shown that the worsening symptoms are biological in cause, rather than a result of lying down.


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