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7 Things to Improve Your Sleep
Updated:2018-03-24 09:13:00

"Minor death" is an often-used metaphor for "sleep" in the Chinese language, suggesting sleep will cut off people's connection to the real world.
In fact, sleep helps us revitalize, mentally and physically, to better function in reality.
Here are seven things that can help you have a more restful slumber.
Burning incense to calm nerves has a long history in China. High-quality incense made from precious herbs and medicines can bring health benefits. You can burn some in a yellow-bronze incense burner before sleep. The smell will accompany you through the night.
Silk pajamas
Pure silk can be a great friend to human skin. The soft touch will help you relax.
Lavender essence oil
The purpose of all essence oils is "balance". The oil from the lavender plant can bring you to a mentally balanced state. But Provence in France is not the only place that produces the oil China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region also has high-quality choices.
Sound from nature
There are many useful music apps that can provide sounds from nature, which helps people fall asleep quickly. One is TaoMix, available in the Apple Store.
Rubber pillow
A nice pillow is a must-have for sleep and your neck. Rubber pillows have become very popular in recent years. Give one a try and you might be surprised.
Overnight mask
If you want to enhance the benefits sleep can bring to your skin, try an overnight mask. It will help your skin become more silky and soft.
Silk eye mask
"Let there be light". It may sound divine in the Bible, yet light can be a trouble to sleep. Let there be a silk eye mask that will give you the proper darkness needed for a good night's sleep.
Some eye masks have Chinese herbal medicine in the layers, which can help eyes heal during rest.



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