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China Develops New Diagnostic Method for Coronary Heart D...
Chinese scientists have developed a new diagnostic method for coronary heart disease which has a 33 percent higher accuracy rate compared with conventional methods.   Developed by Shanghai Jiaotong University, the new technology is called Quantitative Flo...
Chinese Young Students Need More Care, Respect from Parents
A new report on the quality of China's compulsory education has revealed that young students need more care and respect in the parent-child relationship.   The report, released by the National Assessment Center for Basic Education Quality with the Ministr...
Study: Omega-3s Could Help Kids Reduce Disruptive Behavior
Omega-3 supplementation could reduce disruptive, even abusive behavior in children, according to newly released research by UMass Lowell, a US national research university.   "This is a promising line of research because omega-3 fatty acids are thought to...
Research: Paternal smoking increases the risk of miscarriage
Pregnant women whose partners are smokers may face higher risks of miscarriage, according to recent Chinese research.   Conducted by the Research Institute of the National Health Commission, the research was based on data of 5.8 million non-smoking pregna...
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