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Zhenhai Middle School
Updated:2018-03-16 10:56:00
Zhenhai Middle school was established in 1911, and has a history of 90 years. It is one of the first 18 key middle schools in Zhejiang Province. Today's campus covers an area of 118mu. It has 24 senior middle classes, including one pilot science class of senior high grade one and two. The staff totals 130 members and the students total 1200. In early 1990s it was cited as the first qualified key middle school in the province, first school to be exempted from senior high graduation uniform examinations and first grade one key middle school. Its unique and beautiful teaching environment, scientific teaching administration, exceptional teaching quality and advanced teaching facilities have won for the school great reputation throughout the province. In recent years the school has again won the honours of national paragon staff's home, advanced collective of computer education, national advanced unit for afforestation, one of the 400 best afforestation units nationwide, national advanced collective of middle and primary school moral ethic education and some other titles like advanced school, advanced Party organization, etc.
The school has a beautiful environment with green coverage as high as 41%. It has rich historical and cultural resources including 12 historical relics from which the Panchi Pond, Wu's Memorial and Yu Dayou's Ancestral Hall are key historical units under State Protection. The school campus has been nominated by the Youth League Central Committee as one of the national bases for youngsters' patriotic education.
The school claims a strong staff team, 83% of whom hold intermediate or senior professional certificates and five of them hold top grade professional titles. Forty teachers have won honors such as national, provincial or municipal paragon workers, advanced teachers and paragon teachers. Twenty one young teachers have been nominated promising teachers. The school has long been committed quality education centered around educational reform. The Best Educational Mode For a Student's Development, the result of the exploration of several generations of foundational education research.
The school has a colorful campus culture. More than twenty interest groups and societies have been set up. Weekend Culture, Zimeng Artistic Garden, School TV Station and the Journalist's Team hold activities on a regular basis. The extracurricular world is a big classroom where students organize, educate and develop themselves.
The school claims first class educational and life facilities. Its 4,000 square meter Sports and Arts Center combines ball courts,. A comprehensive training hall, a ballet room and an art studio. The library and audio-visual building covers an area of 8,800 square meters. The library has current periodicals room, past periodical room, famous works room, electronic reading room and teachers' reading room. The studio-visual center includes audio-visual rooms, a 400 square meter multi-function studio, a network administration center. It is equipped with TV control and production instruments. The school invested close to RMB20,000,000 to build a new intranet and equipped every classroom with a multimedia system and every teacher with a private computer. The construction of a nanatorium, a tennis court and a standard 400-meter race track have been completed. New students' apartment building and cafeteria show an improvement of the students and staff's life and provide a solid basis for quality education.
During recent years, Zhenhai Middle School has achieved remarkable success in its educational practice. There have appeared in the school a number of excellent students. Senior high student Zhou Qinjie developed a study tool box software which won an invention award in the province. Sun Jie and Chen Xueli won the best design and best production award in the national "Challenger Cup" college and middle school students new century theme design contest. Since 1993, 50 person-times have won first prizes in the province and silver award in the national information science Olympics. Ge Jun won first place in the national mathematics Olympics. This year, Zhao Fanjie won first prize and four other students won provincial first prizes in the national physics contest. Five students won provincial first prizes in the national mathematics contest. During the three years from 1997 to 1999, our grade 2 and 3 students in the senior high took the TOEFL test and 14 of them scored more than 600 points and one of them was admitted to Columbia University of the United States. Every year the school's musical, dance and art talents win awards in a variety of competitions. In the college entrance examinations, our students keep in top places in the province and the city. In 1998, four students entered the provincial top ten. The averge mark was number in the province. In 1999, 99.6% of the students were enrolled by colleges and 82% were enrolled by key colleges and universities. Five and three students entered top tens in the city in the science and liberal arts disciplines. In 2000, 99% of the students were enrolled by colleges and universities. More than that, students like Xu Yijian, Gao Wei, Li Minmin and Gu Linhu, cited either as the top ten best students or elite youngsters in the province, are representative of our quality students.
In the future, Zhenhai Middle School will continue its efforts to perfect its teaching system and orient its students to the needs of the times. 



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