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Jin Yong
Updated:2018-01-30 15:41:00

Jin Yong(1924), Great Bauhinia Medalist, OBE (Order of the British Empire) was the pen name of Zha Liangyong (Louis Cha Leung-yung). As a native of Haining, Zhejiang, he moved to Hong Kong in 1948 and wrote many popular Wuxia ( Martial Arts and Chivalry) stories since 1950, most of which have been adapted to TV series, movies, radio plays, etc. His best sellers have played a pivotal role in the Chinese film and TV culture. They also earned him a reputation of one of the finest Chinese Wuxia writers ever. In the early days, Jin Yong co-founded the Ming Pao (a series of Chinese language news paper) in Hong Kong. Because of his distinguished talent, he is also known as one of the Four Gifted Scholars of Hong Kong.



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