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Dr. Jing Spa
Dr. Jing is a chain agency founded in Hangzhou. The main store and branch are mostly in Hangzhou, and Yuehu is a flagship store in Ningbo. The decoration is unique with blue bricks and black tiles, which is hidden in the corner of the Moon Lake Garden. The ...
K-M is a KTV with different themes, the environment is clean and tidy, the private room is creative, and there is a doll room for girls. Looking out is the Wangjiang Tower, the night view is very good.   Address: Industrial and Commercial Bank of Huizheng...
The Desert Oasis Music Bar
The Desert Oasis Music Bar is located next to the Yong River Bridge and has a strong atmosphere. On the second floor, there is a seat, the first floor is a high stool.   Address: No. 66, Renmin Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo   Tel: 0574-87380011 (Infor...
S86 is Ningbo's largest bar at present. It is located in the street of Zhousu Night River Bar and built by two Asian first-line brands, 0086 and SOS.   S86 has Ningbo's largest electronic party, with nearly 600 employees.   The sound equipment in the st...
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