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This Ningbo's most popular bar has been in the Bund for a long time. It is a quiet bar, the service and the atmosphere is good. There are non-alcoholic cocktails in the bar, recommended for people who drive and don't drink alcohol. It also has litchi mojito...
Evolution Cocktail Bar
Evolution Cocktail is a Japanese-style bar-style hotel with a comfortable environment. It is a very stylish cocktail whisky bar.   Address: Yuehu Shengyuan, Haishu District, Ningbo City (No. 18, Shengyuan Lane)
Club SIR.TEEN is a bar located in Heyi Avenue. The layout is divided into two parts: upstairs and downstairs. The environment is very good, the facilities and equipments are fashionable. Entrance security is very strict when entering the clib.   Address: ...
Peak 39 Bar
Located on the terrace on the 39th floor of the Westin Hotel, PEAK 39 is a good viewing platform for the Tianyi Business Circle. The bar offers drinks and snacks, and you can also enjoy the night view of Ningbo. Five-star service, high-end grade, suitable f...
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