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Stone Carving Park of the South Song Dynasty
Updated:2018-12-31 14:32:00

The stone carving in the park are proved to be the most substantial cultural relics of the South Song Dynasty. "Terracotta warriors of Qin Mausoleum in the north and stone carving group of Dongqian Lake in the South". The stone carvings in the park are treasures of a nation. The park takes up an area of 250 mu with main carving spots of stone carving of the South Song Dynasty, Baidaishibiao, Site of Prime Minister in Ancient China, Three Character Primer Square (Echo Wall), Picture of Farming and Weaving, Zodiac Culture Square and Guanyin Pavillion, the history of which are waiting to be read and felt
Add: Huangmei Mountain, Shangshuixiazhuang, Dongqian Lake Holiday Resort
Price: RMB 55 yuan
Traffic£ºBus No£®906£¬960£¬966
Tel: 0574£­88401021
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