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Private Bank(Shen's Family House)
It is a two-story yard Zoumalou tower with multiple entries. Covering a total floor area about 1855 suaqre meters, it has three entries, each entry leading to 5 rooms, looking narrow and long. The owner of this house surnamed Shen. It was said that Shen's a...
The Former Residence of Yu Qiaging
The residence belonged to Yu Qiaging, who was the representative figure of the Group of Ningbo Enterprisers. It is located at the foot of the Fulong Mountain and covers for 5670㎡. Combining the Chinese and Western architectural essences, the construction o...
Chinese Air Defense Exposition Park
Supported by sea defense patriotism education base in Zhenhai, the whole air defense exposition park is adequate to be a large-scale education base of its kind. You can learn Chinese air defense history of a hundred years be means of circular-screen movie, ...
Former Residence of Wang Yangming
Wangy Yangming, the famous ideologist, educator, militarist and calligrapher in the Ming Dynasty had been known to the world by Yangming school centered at "intuitive knowledge". The former residence of Wang Yangmingwas constructed in the early Ming Dynasty...
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