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Ningbo Money Trade Guildhall
Ningbo Money Trade Guildhall is the place where gathering and transaction of financial industry take place in the past. In September of 1949, "Ningbo Money Museum" was constructed at the site of Ningbo Money Trade Guild hall, which has become the unique sp...
Former Residence of Rou Shi
The former residence of Rou Shi is an old-style wooden-structured three-section compound bought by his father in early time. On the lintel of the door there is horizontal inscribed board with words of "former residence of Rou Shi" written by Xu Guangping, w...
Ningbo Fashion Museum
Ningbo Fashion Museum is divided into three parts of ancient hall, modern hall and contemporary hall, displaying the evolution of China's cloth in the dynasty of pre-Qin, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing and modern and contemporary China by 11 sets of lively hi...
Jiufeng Mountain Tourism Area
Jiufeng Mountain is Located at Chuanshan Peninsula which is the mountain located at the eastmost of the mainland. It is faced with Putuo Mountain across the sea. With 26 peaks, two large lakes, forests of nearly tens of thousands hectares, it has been the b...
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