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Boutique Inns Blooming in Maoyang Countryside
Updated:2019-11-04 17:06:00
Located in the Baiyanxia Village of Maoyang Township, the inn ¡°Pu She¡± has a small courtyard with stone, moss and bonsai. The Chinese-style lobby is made up of logs, straw mats and white walls. "Renovating the old house in the countryside can earn a high room rate. This is something that I didn't even think about in the past." Said the owner of the inn, Qiu Yongping.
Maoyang Township¡¯s rural tourism is famous for its quiet environment, rich cultural flavor and rich boutique inns. At present, there are 11 boutique inns blossoming in the Maoyang wild countryside like flowers. Most of these are invested and operated by Xinxiangxian, who is ¡°paddle in the sea¡±. It has a high grade and accurate positioning, and has gradually exerted the cluster effect, attracting more and more tourists to experience the rural life and enjoy the scenery of the mountains and seas. According to statistics, there are 124 new social class people in Maoyang Township, and about half of them participate in the development and operation of boutique inns.


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