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Xiangshan welcomes the first batch of Korean agricultural research group
Updated:2019-10-28 16:53:00
Xiangshan welcomes more than 30 South Korean Agricultural Association research tour group. The tour group visited the ancient city of Xiaotang Township and Shipu Fishing Port.
The first stop of the research tour of the Xiangshan Agricultural Tourism Research Group of the Jeju Wimi Agricultural Association of South Korea is the ˇ°Red Fruit and Vegetable Co., Ltd.ˇ± located in Xiaotang Township, Xiangshan County. Xiaotang Township is located in the south-central part of the Xiangshan Peninsula. It is surrounded by harbors. It is rich in ecological resources and has a natural beauty. It is known as the agricultural ecological township and is also the birthplace of the domestic ˇ°red beautyˇ± citrus.
Subsequently, the group went to the ancient city of Shipu Fishing Port. The ancient city is bordered by the mountains, and the architectural style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties still exists. It is the only ancient fishing town in China that is closely connected with the ancient city. Visit the Zhongjie Street and the pavilions such as the vicissitudes of the city, the ploughing of the sea, and enjoy the Xiangshan fishery culture, fishermen's culture and coastal defense culture.
The Korean Agricultural Research Group has given a thumb up to the scenery and seafood cuisine of Xiangshan. They also express that the achievements of Xiangshan citrus development are even more praiseworthy.


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