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Oil Painting Exhibition of Han Peisheng¡¯s Works Held
Updated:2018-10-09 17:17:00

The oil painting exhibition of works by Han Peisheng was started at the Good Water Pavilion of the Old Bund.
Han Peisheng, member of Chinese Artists Association and member of the Art Commission of Zhejiang Provincial Oil Painters Association, is the Deputy Director of the Man & Nature Oil Painting Institute of Zhejiang Province. As a leading figure of the oil painting artists of eastern Zhejiang area, he composed a lot of oil painting works on the local customs, with such common themes as villages, fields, old trees and bridges.
The 27 works on exhibition this time are all composed by Han in recent years. Most of the works are expressionistic with bright colors, thick strokes and prominent features. Han Peisheng, 73 years old this year, is still working hard to compose new works. ¡°A real artist should devote his emotions to painting to express his understanding of the world. What matters most is to excite others when they are appreciating the paintings.¡± said Han. The theme of the exhibition is ¡°love of local customs and nature¡±. For example, the painting named ¡°Autumn Mountain¡± depicts the power of the mountain in the autumn days, while the painting named ¡°Texture of the Mountain¡± is a visual impact to people with the intense colors and emotions. Reportedly, the exhibition will last until November 8.




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