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R&D of 5G Smart Driving APPs Conducted at Hangzhou Bay
Updated:2018-10-09 14:53:00

Recently, three 5G base stations of China Mobile have been opened at the Hangzhou Bay New Zone, thus realizing the full coverage of 5G signals over the Geely Global R&D Headquarters. Thus the new zone has become the first area in Ningbo to conduct the research and development of the 5G smart driving Apps.
With such characteristics as high rate, large-range connection and low latency, the 5G technology can be well used in vehicle driving in the form of image sensors, radar and millimeter-wave radar, which can integrate data and provide precise information for the vehicles, thus realizing smart driving or even unmanned driving.
To support the App research and development for smart driving at the new zone, in May 2018, Geely signed a strategic cooperative agreement with the China Mobile. Based on the 5G Joint Innovation Center of China Mobile, the company will accelerate the testing, demonstration and commercialization of the 5G network and carry out this 5G smart driving application pilot project at the new zone. The combination of 5G and smart driving, an emerging strategic industry at the zone, will surely promote the research and development and application of the smart driving technology in the area.




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